Why is WordPress So Popular?

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WordPress is the most popular web design platform and web administration program all over the world. Below are the reasons why WordPress is high in demand.

It’s a Free CMS (Content Management System)

There is no cost to the public for using WordPress. It is open-source software which means that no one owns the copyright to the product. It is designed by a group of coding submitters for a common cause of keep it free for all.

It’s Easy to Use

A user of WordPress doesn’t have to be educated or techy savvy in server administration or web design. A person doesn’t have to learn coding or take courses in web design or programming languages. The WordPress CMS is GUI (Graphical User Interface) where you visually design your pages and also visually administer your website features. However, it is a big plus in a person’s success with their new website if they have experience in web design, PHP coding, SEO and web page content management. Having experience in graphic design for the purpose of visual marketing is also very important.

Versatility of WordPress

You can design a very wide variety of websites. Everything from a one page landing site to a full multi-page online store.

Plugins for WordPress

Plugins are small programs that provide robust features and functionality to every WordPress website. There are lots of plugins that are free to use.

Themes & Customization

WordPress themes are pre-setup customizations such as web page content layout, colour schemes and functionality. There are ample free and paid themes to choose from at the WordPress website. The URL is: https://wordpress.org/themes.

In most cases, businesses use web designers to create custom themes and web design that are specific and copyrightable for their business. Using free preset themes that WordPress offers can cause business legal problems such as copyright infringement. No one wants legal problems.

WordPress is SEO Friendly

WordPress is created with SEO strategies in place… or is SEO ready. This is great; however, it doesn’t take care of all your SEO requirements for the success of your online business website.

Mobile Responsive

This has to be the one of the most important features of WordPress other than SEO. Mobile responsive means that the layout of your website will look good on mobile phones, even though you designed your website on a laptop or desktop computer. This is a great feature of WordPress; however, it is highly recommended that you check your web design on your cell phone or tablet to make sure that web page elements/content balance out on the page how you want it.

The Recommendation of Light Touch Technologies

I am sorry if I come across bias by the following recommendation, but my points are valid for the success of a business website.

If you do NOT have any previous web design experience and you want a professional, successful business website, let the professionals design your web site from scratch. Your website is your online “company brand”. Visual pleasantry, unique (not copied) content, load speed and functionality are extremely important.

Web designers, such as ourselves will establish this for you as well as perform advanced SEO techniques to further create online business success.

After the website is designed and exposed to the Internet, you the owner of the website can use the WordPress your site was created with to make on-going web page changes and on-going website administration. You are given the login credentials to use the WordPress CMS (Content Management System) to administer your own website post-design.

Check out our web design page where we use WordPress for customer web design.

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