LTT Web Hosting Server Technical Specifications?

We offer large capacity web storage and unlimited monthly bandwidth on a RAM optimized Linux server!

Our web hosting server has the following technical specifications for our customers’ web hosting:

  • Server CPU: AMD Opteron(tm) Processor 4274 HE (8 core(s))
  • Web Hosting Software: Plesk Obsidian v18.0.43_build1800220414.18
  • Server OS (Operating System): CentOS 7, Linux
  • Monthly Bandwidth: Unlimited
  • Storage: SSD (solid state drives). Server storage space/hosting account depends on the web hosting package purchased.
  • RAM: LiteSpeed, RAM optimized at server level.

♣ ♣ ♣ ♣ ♣ ♣ ♣ ♣

  • IP Address: (shared hosting IP)
  • Database Server: MariaDB, MySQL, ver 10.5.15
  • PHP Versions: php 7.4 and php 8.0
  • Apache Web Server: Newest Apache version
  • Firewall: Fail2Ban (newest version) and Plesk Firewall
  • Antivirus/Malware: Inunify360+ antivirus and malware scanner/remover
  • Anti-Spam: Spam Assassin, ModSecurity
  • SSL (Secure Socket Layer): LetsEncrypt offered free and any SSL purchased by customer can be installed on our server.
  • Other Tools: Ruby support, NodeJS support, Plesk Firewall 

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Web Hosting Nameservers: The below nameservers are to be used for customer domains who purchase web hosting from us here at Light Touch Technologies.

See our Unlimited Web Hosting Packages.

Server Products Offered in the Near Future

  • VPS (Virtual Private Server), managed and unmanaged
  • Dedicated Server, managed and unmanaged

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