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Introduction to the Customer Web Hosting Panel Print

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Welcome to the Customer Web Hosting Panel. Brought to you by Plesk Obsidian, Web Host Edition. Every Light Touch Technologies web hosting customer is given their own panel. The panel will allow customers to customize and administer their own web hosting.

How Do You Access Your Panel

You must have an active web hosting account with Light Touch Technologies in order to access the  customer web hosting panel.

  1. Open your device's Internet browser app
  2. Go to website: https://lttwebhost.net:8443
  3. Type in the username and password of your web hosting account. You were given this email when your web hosting account was created. If you lost it, please contact support@lighttouchtech.ca or submit a fast response support ticket. We will email you your login credentials.
  4. You are now logged in. If you are unable to login, please retry your login credentials. Double check for accuracy.

Dashboard Parts of the Customer Panel

  1. Menu Bar: This menu contains the main options.
  2. Website Preview/Statistics: This area contains a thumbnail preview of a customer's website. You can also get statistical information such as website traffic.
  3. Tabs Section: This tab menu gives you options for WordPress, Hosting and DNS, Email and Plesk Apps.
  4. Files & Databases Section: This section allows you to create databases and work with the files of your website.
  5. Dev Tools Section: This section gives options for development of WordPress and advanced server administration tools.
  6. Security Section: This section is for securing your website with SSL certificates, firewall against hackers and more.
  7. Domains and Sub-domains: These buttons allow you to add a domain or create a sub-domain off of your main domain name. For example, plesk.lighttouchtech.ca. "plesk" is the sub-domain name. It creates its own server file structure.

Breakdown of Panel Sections

Plesk Menu: This menu is at the left part of the panel. Website & Domains takes you to the Dashboard. The other options here are for your mail, any applications you have installed, File Manager, Database (Creating and editing), website statiscts, login users, your account, WordPress and SEO Toolkit.

Preview and Website Statistics: This section of the panel shows a thumbnail of your website being hosted by us. You can open your website in a browser or preview it. You can see how much disk space your website is using up as well as the monthly traffic to your website. At the bottom of this area is your "Web Statistics SSL/TLS". This link sends you to your website visitor statistics in real time.

Tabs Menu of the Panel: By clicking on the individual tabs, you will go to options that are specific to different parts of configuration in your panel.

  • Dashboard tab takes you to the home part of your panel.
  • WordPress takes you WordPress options.
  • Hosting & DNS takes you to the DNS configuration of your website and domain name.
  • Mail takes you to where you can create and access email accounts.
  • Plesk Apps takes you to any applications that are installed on your web server.

Files & Databases Section of Dashboard

  • Connection info link allows you to see your server's login username and lets you change your password.
  • Databases link lets you create and edit existing MySQL databases.
  • Backup & Restore link is where you perform website, email and account backups. You can also restore it from a previous backup.
  • Files link takes you to the File Manager where you can create directories, upload/download files, delete and create files. You will see your entire website file structure (files and folders). USE CAUTION!
  • FTP link allows you to change your FTP credentials and other features. You need to use a program on your computer like FileZilla in order to perform FTP functions
  • Website Copying link allows you to make a copy of your website.

Dev Tools Section of Dashboard

  • PHP link lets you change the PHP version as well as edit the configurations of exiting PHP version.
  • Scheduled Tasks link allows you to create cron jobs that automate procedures on a scheduled time.
  • Git is for advanced developers and is a community of developers sharing code and help documents of apps created.
  • WP Toolkit link takes you to where you can create a WordPress website, perform security tasks, updates and login to your WordPress websiter.
  • Website Importing lets you inport an existing website into your web space. This is a website that is hosted elsewhere.
  • Logs is where you will see the activity logs for your website. This shows all activity as well as errors in server configurations.
  • PHP Composer is a link that lets you create php files if you are a developer.
  • SEO Toolkit is an app that scans your website and gives great advice on how to improve the exposure of your website on the search engines.
  • Install Application lets you install a compatible app on your server space.

Security Section of Dashboard

  • SSL/TLS Certificates lets you create SSL certificates for your webiste as well as upload certificate that were purchased elsewhere.
  • ImunifyAV is a link that allows you to perform Anti-virus scans on your website.
  • Advisor link takes you to a screen that advises you in how to increase the strength and security of your website.
  • Password Protected Directories link lets you protect certain directories with a password so others can not access the folder.
  • Web Application Firewall lets you setup firewall rules to protect your server space, website and files.

Click on Customer's Guide to learn more detail about the panel.

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