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What is a Webmaster?

The following is a passage quoted from the Indeed Career Guide: "A webmaster oversees the management of a website, typically by registering domain names, addressing errors, leading content creation, and approving site design and functionality. They use development and administrative skills, including communication and adaptability, when dealing with clients to create an effective working relationship. They may also use web development skills, such as user interface and user experience, to design functional and operational sites for businesses, organizations, and individuals."

How Does Light Touch Technologies Deliver Webmaster Services?

It is very important for businesses to have a qualified webmaster to handle their website management needs. At Light Touch Technologies, we offer our SEO/Webmaster Services package which involves the following:

  • Website updates and editing are performed on an on-going basis. This does not included website redesign or major modifications. This is billed extra, but cost effective.
  • All website and hosting server technical problems are managed and fixed.
  • All web hosting technical functions to perform are included. Such as creating email accounts, website backups and databases.
  • On-going website SEO performance is monitored and changes that increase performance on the search engines are included.

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