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Is There Any Training for WordPress?

WordPress is a comprehensive CMS (Content Management System) for web design and administration. It can be intimidating. There is help from WordPress that will help to guide you through your processes. Check it out below.

Learn WordPress

Tutorials: Tutorials are a great way to get hands-on with WordPress. These videos will help you learn new skills to become a more effective WordPress user, developer, designer, and contributor.

Lessons Plans: Full and complete online training for all the components and features of WordPress.

Cautionary Things to Do

  • In case you are brand new to WordPress and your web hosting is already setup and live, keep backups often while you design or administer in WordPress. If a critical error happens that can break your WordPress theme, you can restore from a previous backup.
  • If you install a WordPress plugin that ends up causing critical errors that will keep your website from showing on the Internet, you can deactivate the plugin without deleting it. This is useful for testing to see if a plugin in your WordPress is causing a problem.

Find This Too Overwhelming but Need a Website?

Light Touch Technologies can provide your website design and administration in WordPress for you. We can also offer web hosting to host your new WordPress website. Check out our Web Design page for more information.

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