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  • Banner Advertising, PPC, Business Blog Advertising
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Banner or Full Page Blog Business Advertising with Light Touch Technologies

We provide two forms of LOW-COST, effective advertising on our company website. Light Touch Technologies offers banner and full page blog post advertising that appears throughout our blog pages and knowledgebase pages.

Business Banner Advertising

Each banner is an animated box banner that links to the customer's website. Instead of the customer paying a set price per month, they will pay using the PPC format. The customer pays for the number of clicks that viewers hit to get to their website. The clicks are tallied up, reported and the customer pays at the end of each month.

Business Blog Article Advertising

What you get is a full blog page advertising posting which is non-expiring unless the customer stops payment. Each advertising editorial post will contain pictures, artwork and links to your business website. This is a feature page for business customers.

Light Touch Technologies Visitor Stats

The Light Touch Technologies website receives thousands of visitors each month and we feel that customers who advertise with us will receive bountiful Internet viewer exposure.

Check out our Business Advertising page to learn more and to order.

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