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Does Light Touch Technologies provide contracts for Renewal Services? Print

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Yes we do provide a contract between Light Touch Technologies and the customer for services that are provided on a renewal basis.

What Services Do You Offer Contracts?

We provide contracts to our customera for the following services:

  • Web Hosting
  • Web Design (contract only valid until the end of the web design)
  • SEO/Webmaster Services

How Long are the Contracts Valid?

The contracts are only valid for the duration of the payment cycle the customer pays. For example, if a customer purchases 3 months (quarterly) of web hosting, the contract is valid until the end of the 3 months. However, if the customer renews for another 3 months, the contract will become extended for the additional 3 months.

What is in the Contract?

The contract contains the obligations of both Light Touch Technologies and the customer. It also contains the legal rights of both parties. The contract is designed to protect the customer as well as Light Touch Technologies.

The customer needs to agree to the contract and digitally sign before any services are given. Each contract is specific to each customer's requirements.

Can Changes be Made to a Contract?

Yes. Every customer has their own unique curcumstances, we will make ammendments to the contract to accommodate the customer's needs.

How are Contracts Delivered to the Customer?

We do everything digitally delivered through E-Mail as a pdf attachment. The customer may choose to print out the contract. The customer will digitally sign it in pdf and email it back to support@lighttouchtech.ca.

Contact us at 403-837-8478 or email support@lighttouchtech.ca if you have any questions.

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