Free Web Hosting vs Paid Hosting

Be Cautious When Choosing a Web Hosting Service

There are pros and cons to choosing your web hosting service. Some hosting service companies offer free basic web hosting and some companies charge for their hosting services. Below are the pros and cons of both.

Free Web Hosting Service

Pros (Positives)

  • There is no charge to the customer for use.
  • Instant activation of new web hosting account.
  • In most cases, a domain name does not need to be reserved as they only offer sub-domains with their free web hosting.

Cons (Negatives)

  • The quality and quantity of features is basic and quite limited.
  • Server resources for your account are typically small and limited.
  • Web storage and bandwidth given for your website is typically small and limited; therefore causing slow website load.
  • Technical support is almost non-existent and the customer is left hanging to figure things out on their own.
  • Most web hosting companies offering free hosting force banner advertising to be placed on your website.
  • The web hosting server is often quite unreliable.

Paid Web Hosting Service

Pros (Positives)

  • The customer has choices of how much web storage, bandwidth and features they want to suit their specific needs.
  • The web hosting server is often much more faster and efficient for their paid customers.
  • Top Level Domains are used for hosting instead of sub-domains. This is VERY important for business websites.
  • Paid web hosting companies offer some kind of decent technical support.
  • Server redundancy and reliability is guaranteed. This means your website will not drop off the Internet too easily.
  • Instant web hosting activation upon completion of payment.

Cons (Negatives)

I can’t think of too many cons or negatives to paid hosting. The points that come to mind is the consumer needs to make sure they don’t pay too much for what they get for services. Package deals are often good as they offer a variety of services for one price per month; however, the customer needs to make sure they are not paying for a service they don’t need.

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